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ʑ  Nine men with faces that you like the look of.

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"This is the way the world ends; not with a bang but with a whimper."

19-year-old female with a passion for cheese. I wish I went outside more.

It might interest you that I:

  • go to acting school
  • have a thing for gingers
  • love Wales but have never been
  • prefer texting
  • enjoy colouring pencils more than life itself

I play Harry Watson in the webseries 'A Finger Slip', based on the fanfiction by Pawtal. You should check that out, because I've seen footage and oh - my - God. Go see.

If you wanted to make me happy, you'd ask be about Wales, take me to the theatre, text me back at 4am, bring me 14 daisies, let me sit on the floor and watch you work, wrap me up in a duvet, snuggle me forever, pour me more pineapple juice, tell me I'm crazy when I climb that tree, kiss me in public, and hold my hand.